Bachelor’s and Master’s Theses

The group offers various bachelor’s (“B”) and master’s (“M”) theses for students in informatics.

Interested students may directly contact the corresponding supervisors for further details. To some extent, variations of the topics are possible.

UROP – Summer Student Internships

This page also lists available summer projects for Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (“U”).

If you are interested in one of the projects offered below, please get in touch directly with the supervisor listed on this page. For more information about previous UROP projects at USI, please take a look at the USI – Internships.


Unfortunately, there are no available projects at this moment.



Completed Projects

M Personalized Shared Public Displays: Sup... Filip Zivkovic September, 2018
U MoviePlus – A Platform for Sharing Dig... Bianca Stancu September, 2018
U Collaborative Economy Practices and Comm... Masako Kitazaki June, 2018
U Just Share It: A Decentralized Autonomou... Egor Ermolaev May, 2018
M Evaluating Secure Personal Memory Sharin... Jacob Jeyara February, 2018
B A Web-based Application for Visualizing ... Federico Pfahler February, 2018
M A tangible interface for controlling cap... Matteo Pontiggia September, 2017
M Investigating the dichotomy of sharing p... Jeremías Albano July, 2017
B Personalized Public Displays: Designing ... Francesco Saverio Zuppichini June, 2017
M Attentive Public Displays: Understanding... Cristian Gomez Mora September, 2016
U Roaming Objects – Object-encoded D... Lucas Pennati August, 2016
B Public Displays for Monitoring and Impro... Matteo Piergiovanni June, 2016
M WeatherUSI: Crowd Sourcing the Weather o... Ahmed Fouad January, 2016
B SmartHelmet: Using LIDAR sensing to aler... Filippo Ferrario September, 2015
M A Classification Scheme of Lifelogging U... Daniel Cardozo September, 2015
U A Toolchain for Visual Memory Lucas Pennati August, 2015
U Co-Located AR Based Display Sharing Alexander North August, 2015
M Uncovering needs and requirements for da... Nadeen Alkaydi August, 2015
B Displays Mobile Application: A Mobile In... Talal El Afchal June, 2015
B PulseCam: Capture your truly significant... Christian Vuerich May, 2015
M NDA: Developing Networked Public Display... Miloš Nikolić September, 2014
M Reactive Displays: Supporting Dynamic Di... Alessandro Gusmeroli September, 2014
U Re-Live the Moment: Visualizing Run Expe... Jesper Findahl August, 2014
M Shadow: An Application Selection Interfa... Federico Scacchi August, 2014
B Tacita-Mobile: Controlling Content Prese... Mattia Candeloro June, 2012
B USIDisplays: Designing a Multi-Applicati... Marcello Romanelli June, 2012
M A Crowd-Sensor for Context-Aware Public ... Pietro Formenti September, 2011
B FunSquare: The Community Interface Andrea Michelotti June, 2011
B FunSquare: The Fun Fact Generator Thomas Selber June, 2011
B FunSquare: The Context Collector Matteo Bellan June, 2011
B Table Tennis Paddle Detection Library fo... Fabio Rambone
Randolf Schärfig
June, 2011
B Public Reactive Displays Federico Caputo September, 2010